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Activities Train


The miniature train is one of our most popular activities in the park and is enjoyed by all ages. The track runs alongside enclosures where wallabies, wolves, zebras, ostriches and Red River hogs can be seen, as well as a couple of dinosaurs! You can hop on at South Station, just outside the Children’s Farm, and enjoy a leisurely, scenic ride back to the Darwin Centre. 

(Please note - Our miniature train is a bit of an antique, it doesn't like wet weather or things getting in it's way. It has a tendency to take sick days, but we are looking into this.)

Orangutan Play Area at Blackpool Zoo

Play Areas

We know that kids love to play! That’s why we have several play areas around the zoo. The biggest and best outdoor area is Orang-U-Tangle, just by the BBQ kiosk at Orang Utan Outlook. Children can climb and swing, mimicking the apes nearby.

Other, smaller play areas are located by the Children’s Farm and there’s the Aardvark Ant Trail by Wallaby Walkabout.


Mini Golf, Boats and Diggers

In the Activities Arena near the BBQ kiosk, kids can find various tasks to test their skills! Mini golf is a great favourite for old and young alike, whilst steering boats can become a “dad” thing! 

The latest addition is digger driving! How much gravel can you move by carefully controlling the bucket? Why not challenge a friend or family member to a competition? 

(Mini golf is now closed for the winter and will re-open in spring. Diggers and boats will be open throughout the winter, although they're not ice breakers so if the pond freezes our boats will be stranded!)

Activities Inflatable


Don’t you just love a good bounce around? Yes? We do, too! Our giant inflatable slide is a must for the kids! It’s hard work to climb up, but so much fun coming down!

(Please note - our inflatables have been deflated for the winter and will re-open in spring)

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